Google Social Search with Twitter integration and more

Social search mixes social results with regular ones

Google adds more functionality to Social Search

Google has made a few tweaks to Social Search, integrating it with Twitter and Google accounts for personalized and relevant results.

Google says it aims to combine the "goodness of Google" with the opinions of people the users care most about. These results could be based on whether your friends publish their information on their blogs/websites, YouTube or Flickr accounts and more.

The social results will no longer appear at the bottom of the page, but will be mixed with the regular search results depending on their relevance to the user. These results will be annonated, marking it as a social result. It will also include links people have shared on Twitter and other social networking sites.

The new search also allows users to privately link their Twitter accounts.

Google Social Search was launched in 2009.

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Via: TechRadar