Google Plus1: Facebook Like alternative launches

Helping your friends navigate the web easier...

Yet another way to show your love for web content

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably concerned that there just aren’t enough ways to show appreciation for web content. Good news, then: Google has launched a competitor to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, by the name of ‘+1’.

+1 will mainly benefit search results, in a system Google is comparing to receiving recommendations from friends and family. Essentially, the idea is that you and your contacts all begin clicking the +1 button (that’ll soon adorn most web pages) when you like whatever content you’re reading. Assuming it takes off, everyone’s Google search results will then be annotated with +1s by their friends, letting you know that they recommend the content.

You’ll need a Google public profile to sign up and start using the +1 system. Still a bit perplexed? Check out the video below for Google’s no-nonsense explanation. Let us know your thoughts on the +1 system via the T3 Twitter feed