Google Chrome OS not for tablets

Google confirms Chrome for laptops, Android for tablets.

Google confirmed on the second day of its I/O 2011 Conference that it will not be putting Chrome OS on tablets, instead staying firmly rooted in the laptop/netbook community.

Chrome's VP was clear to state that despite its low requirements on power and ease of use, the operating system will be staying with latpops and netbooks, with all their efforts instead focused on improving the users experience of these products.

"We are fully, 100 percent focused on laptops. Most of the web usage -- greater than 90 percent -- is on laptops. That's what we're working on today, and we have no other plans on any other form factors."

While these words from Chrome VP Sundar Pichai are nothing short of a concrete statement, it can be some consolation that Android's next incarnation Ice Cream Sandwich is just around the corner.

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Source: Engadget