Google Chrome continues to rein in Internet Explorer marketshare

Google Chrome browser closes in on 12% marketshare

Google Chrome continues to make inroads in the browser wars

Google's Chrome web browser continues to chip away at Microsoft’s Internet Explorer marketshare.

Recent figures from Net Applications show that the browser is closing in on a 12% share, since launching in September 2008. The increase comes as Google prepares to launch its Chrome Operating System on Samsung and Acer netbooks this summer.

Chrome gained a 11.9% market share last month, up 0.4%, while Microsoft Internet Explorer continued to lose share, dipping from 55.9% to 55.1%. Apple's Safari browser share rose from 6.6 per cent to 7.1%, while Mozilla Firefox had a slight fall, dropping from 21.8% to 21.6%.

Chrome has been making steady gains for the past 12 months though it hasn't enjoyed a full percentage point growth spurt in several months. This news comes as Google’s Chrome Operating System is expected to be introduced in June or July.

The Chrome OS is a lightweight, Web-based operating system that departs from Microsoft Windows and Apple style platforms.

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