title: Digital Switchover: Problems and Help / url: digital-switchover-problems-help


Digital Switchover: Problems

It’s not just the main television in each property that has to be converted to digital; it’s every single one in the house.

Almost one million TV sets will become obsolete in London by the end of the month, according to Digital UK.

“We know from previous switchover experience that some people just leave things until the last minute,” says Digital UK London manager Deborah Bain.

Well over 90% of people have already ensured the main TV set is ready for switchover or digital, but we are now trying to reach people who have forgotten about the second or third set in the kitchen or bedroom," Bain adds.

Digital Switchover: Help scheme

There’s a scheme set up to help people who might struggle with the switchover process.

A whopping £200 million pounds is being spent to provide a select number of people with the technology they need to go digital.

The scheme is designed to help those people on low incomes, the elderly, disability benefits claimants and people who’ve been in care for over twelve months.

For more information, visit: http://www.helpscheme.co.uk/


Article written by Jonathan Holdstock