Facebook Places available to UK social-networkers today

Location-based Facebook service follows US rollout

Location-specific service launched by Facebook

Social networking behemoth Facebook has officially launched Facebook Places in the UK following the introduction of the location-specific posting service in the US last month.

Appearing on the UK Facebook app when the service launched in the US, the Facebook Places link that previously lay dormant has been activated allowing users to adopt a Foursquare styled social networking update format that will alert others as to where you are posting from.

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Users signing in to the Places service will appear of friend’s News Feeds assigned to that location and will be shown in the Recent Activity section on the pages linked with the relevant place.

Speaking at the UK launch of Places in London yesterday Facebook’s Product Manager for Places, Michael Sharon said: "Facebook is about real-world interaction, a place to share information about yourself with people you already know.”

Discussing the benefits of Facebook Places, Sharon added: "Places evolved over time, when we saw how many people were using their status updates to tell friend where they are and what they are doing. It makes it easier to be more social, make it really easy to share where you are, discover new places, places you never knew about."

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