Facebook Music: Streaming service plans revealed

How the social giant's music offering is shaping up

Facebook looks set to launch its music service in August, in partnership with Spotify among others…

Ready for Facebook to carve its way into yet more of your web time? The social networking king is readying its own Music service to rival the likes of iTunes, which now looks set to launch at the company’s ‘f8’ conference in August.

Facebook Music will, according to details from GigaOm, utilise music libraries from big players such as Spotify. It’ll sit under a ‘Music’ tab, which will appear under the ‘Groups’ and ‘Events’ tabs to the left of the Facebook homepage.

Clicking it will take you through to your own personal dashboard, from which you can play music and see what your connected friends are listening to.

Spotify is a confirmed partner, but there will be others involved too – essentially, as long as you’re willing to link your chosen streaming service up with Facebook via Facebook Connect, you’ll be able to play and control your music through a set of controls at the bottom of the page.

Your friends will be able to see what you’re listening to and recommend tracks based on what they think you’ll like. The service will launch in a couple of months, but will it be a success? Apple has already tried to combine music with social networking with its Ping add-on to iTunes, which has proved to be a flop.

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