F1 2011 release date to host co-op championship mode

Co-op championship to allow friends to be team-mates

F1 2011 game to see co-op championship mode to allow gamers become team-mates with real life friends

The eagerly awaited F1 2011 game is to launch later this month with latest reports revealing the Formula 1 based title will feature a co-op Championship mode allowing gamers to partner with their friends to challenge for the constructors’ title.

With an F1 2011 release date set for September 23rd the game’s developer Codemasters has today announced that the follow-up to the BAFTA award winning F1 2010 will allow online gamers to join forces and compete as team-mates in an effort to claim top honours in the FIA Formula 1 Constructors’ World Championship.

Looking to further emulate the realism of the high-octane fast paced sport, F1 2011 will add co-op Championship modes to improved graphics and a new safety car feature with 16 person multiplayer allowing users to compete in a full grid of 24 vehicles including eight AI racers.

“Now when I look across the garage and see my team mate in there, I am not comparing myself against an AI team mate, I’m comparing myself against someone that I know personally,” said Chief Game Designer Stephen Hood. “I’m interested in who’s got the most points, who’s out-qualified me. It’s about trying to fight to be the leader of a team. It makes for a completely different experience, playing with a friend. It’s now a personal game mode.”