Electric cars pioneering in-car tech for petrol models

Exclusive: Modern electric vehicles are pushing the possibilities of car tech says expert

Despite their limited range and still fledgling market reputation, electric cars are now pushing the boundaries of in-car tech and pioneering new technologies for petrol vehicles, an industry head has told T3

Electric cars are pioneering new in-car technologies for their petrol counterparts, industry expert Stuart Harris has revealed in an exclusive interview with T3.

Harris, who is the Head of Product Marketing at Vauxhall, has suggested that despite their low range power issues and lack of widespread adoption the nature of electric vehicles and the tech savvy ilk of early adopters is helping to push forward the possibilities and expectations of in-car entertainment and technologies.

“Oddly enough electric cars are actually more evolved than petrol cars in terms of in-car technology,” Harris said. “Purchasers of electric cars are techy, they like all the little gadgets and features.”

Whilst electric vehicles are brimmed with cutting edge in-car tech, manufacturers were unable to simply port features and gadgets direct from previously crafted petrol or diesel engine touting cars.

“We’ve had to develop new technologies to into electric cars to provide electronic climate control, to provide the radio system, the lighting system, the braking system, everything’s become very much focussed on energy efficiency and that’s baring fruit for the regular cars.”

Harris added: “Electric cars are now being used to push the technology used in mainstream petrol cars, that’s where the switchover is happening, the technology now makes the car.”

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