Disney offering custom Stormtrooper figurines

Fancy getting your hands on a 3D printed Stormtrooper with your face on it?

Going to Disney World anytime soon? Then get very excited because Disney are offering visitors to its Hollywood Studios theme park the chance to have your self immortalised in your very own Stormtrooper figure.

For $99.95, Disney will produce a 3D-printed Stormtrooper figure as part of its Star Wars Weekends annual event.

The process involves Disney using its high quality single-shot technology to take a three dimensional reproduction of your face.

The capturing process takes around ten minutes in total according to Disney.

For your money and your time, you get a 7.5-inch model. Production takes around 7-8 weeks, and it is currently unclear if Disney will ship it abroad.

Disney's Stormtrooper exhibit will be available on weekends between May 17th and June 9th.

The Carbon-Freeze Me experience will also be running again this year. The Carbon-Freeze Me experience allows you to experience being frozen in carbonite like Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back.

Via: The Verge