Cars to host cloud connectivity 'within 18 months' says experts

Exclusive: Within less than two years vehicles will boast cloud connectivity experts tell T3

Ahead of the Vauxhall Ampera UK release, the car's product manager has suggested vehicles will play host to cloud connectivity 'within 18 months'

With cloud computing rising to prominence in the tech industry thanks to the likes of Apple iCloud, car manufacturer Vauxhall has suggested vehicles will soon be connected to the cloud allowing for unlimited entertainment on the move.

Revealing that widespread internet connected vehicles will become a thing of reality within the near future, Simon Prior, Product Manager on the company’s futuristic electric car the Vauxhall Ampera, has claimed that cloud connected cars will be available “within 18 months.”

“I’ve seen our next-generation infotainment so I know what’s coming there,” the Ampera head teased in an exclusive interview with T3. He added: “Where are we, 2012, you will probably see cloud connectivity on a car in 18 months. It’s not long away at all.”

Pressed on whether Vauxhall would introduce its own cloud connectivity service or partner with an existing provider such as Apple, Google or Amazon Prior remained tight lipped stating “I can’t answer that question for you but you will have Wi-Fi internet within cars within the next few years. It’s coming.

Prior’s comments were echoed by Peter Stoker, head of Special Vehicle Engineering at Vauxhall who suggested the rapid improvements and advancements in modern technologies would soon filter down to the motoring industry. He said: “Inbuilt Wi-Fi is certainly something I can see coming into vehicles in the near future,” adding: “Rather than just having a speedo and a battery gage there is so much more information that people are looking for now.”

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