Call of Duty: Black Ops patch coming for PS3

Black Ops UK sales top 2 million units in five days

Black Ops patch coming as sales top 2 million units in the UK

Call of Duty: Black Ops might have broken all UK and global launch day records when it landed last week but many gamers have reported faults with the first person shooter, errors that developer Treyarch is set to rectify with a downloadable patch.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 edition of the Call of Duty title appears to be worst affected by the gaming glitches with a number of improvements having already been issued for the PS3 edition of the game. Latest incoming patches, however, are set to correct issues with the online leaderboard stats that were incorrectly reporting kills, deaths and assists, as well as improvements to the matchmaking and match and host selection features.

Despite the number of irks in the system, Call of Duty: Black Ops has confirmed its title as the biggest ever game launch shifting more than 2 million units in the UK in its opening five days. The figures, which came from the trade body UKIE, Black Ops has bagged publishers Activision Blizzard £81.9 million in the UK, up 21 per cent on last year’s Call of Duty record breaker, Modern Warfare 2.

Internal Activision estimates put opening day Call of Duty: BlackOps sales in the UK and US at roughly 5.6 million units, eclipsing initial Modern Warfare 2 sales of 4.7 million copies.

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