Battlefield 3 features: Weapons, maps and vehicles

Online co-op campaign and 64-person multiplayer

Battlefield 3 is fast looking to be the game of the year, and after the revelations from Gamescom it's looking hard to beat. In case you weren't convinced we've found the full list of Battlefield 3's weapons, vehicles and maps.

New revelations about the games online capabilities and a full equipment and vehicle list have helped show the sheer scale of what EA is planning with their upcoming blockbuster title.

64 person multiplayer (for PC only) promises to show players a multiplayer experience that will deafen, disorientate and entertain them into next week. There's also an extensive online co-op campaign for those who want to team up with a mate and take on the singleplayer campaign.

The new Frostbite 2 engine will create a desctructable environment that challenges players to think tactically about where to place team members or equipment such as turrets. Finally there's the vehicles, all 22 of them. From fighter-jets to tanks there's an absolute library of mechanised death and destruction.

Check out the link here for a full list of equipment and vehicles or enjoy the latest Gamescom trailer below giving you an idea of just how hectic the multiplayer will be.