Archos 28 Minidroid spotted

Android-packing PMP details slip out

Pared down screen and Wi-Fi skills for latest Archos/Google mash-up.

Archos is clearly priming itself for a big push when it comes to Android. And after its slew of tablets packing the Google OS, its new PMPs look set to be loaded up with the ever-popular operating system.

The latest effort to be spotted is the Archos 28 Minidroid. It rocks a 2.8-inch panel, with Wi-Fi, touch controls, USB skills and a 3.5mm headphone jack for your aural pleasure.

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There’s no news on when this new number will be making an appearance, but expect it to arrive alongside the ace-looking Archos 32. The new iPod touch is going to have to be seriously smart to see off this new slew of Android PMPs.

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Via Engadget