Apple TV subscription service in works?

Alternative to rental in the works?

Ever since its creation, Apple has been looking to expand its range of services available for Apple TV. Sources suggest it believes the next step is to offer a Apple subscription service.

Apple is apparently working towards offering a subscription service which will allow people to rent unlimted films and programs on their TV's for a monthly fee.

The rumour has come courtesy of the Wall Street Journal who claims to have reliable sources inside Apple which have suggested the company is looking at ways of expanding the service, making it more and more viable for use with TV's. Apple TV at present offers Airplay and access to the iTunes library of films and television programmes.

The company had previously tried to instigate something similar but it fell through after an agreement couldn't be made with the television and film studios. Of course this hasn't stopped Apple in the past so rumours of this sort appearing again are likely to have some element of truth to them.

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Source: TheNextWeb