Apple TV name change could lead to legal battle?

iTV may not be Apple's without a fight

Rumours surface about ITV ready to fight for its brand over Apple TV's rumoured name change.

The tech world is already talking about Apple TV possibly being renamed to iTV and it having a new processor but no hard drive.

The latest addition to the rumour mill is an anonymous person from UK television network ITV telling The Mirror that it is furious about Apple's plans and are willing to fight to protect its brand.

However, when iTV acting group director of communications, Mike Large, spoke to Pocket-Lint, he didn't go so far as to say that. However, he did say that ITV has "vigorously defended" its brand values before and said that it wouldn't be acceptable for Apple TV to be called iTV as it could "muddy the waters."

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As per the norm, Apple has declined to comment on these rumours. In addition, there is no official announcement about a name change for Apple TV, so it doesn't seem likely that ITV would want to jump into legal waters without any reason to.

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