Apple tops list of unwanted Christmas gifts (well, sort of...)

Model confusion likely at the heart of 'returns policy' searches

Apple topped online searches for 'returns policy' on Christmas Day. Are we more ungrateful than ever or is there a little iConfusion in play?

Not everyone gets what they want for Christmas, but you'd think a nice iPad 4, iPhone 5 or iPod touch under the tree wouldn't be something to prompt upturned noses, wouldn't you?

However, credit score company Experian found that Apple's returns policy prompted more online searches than any other company in the UK on Christmas Day.

The company said the number of people were scouring for information on how to take back or exchange their gift rose by 250 per cent compared with last year, with Apple queries coming above Argos, Harrods, Debenhams and Toys 'R' Us.

So have we become a nation of ungrateful little toads or are there some other forces at work? Experian reckons that a little iConfusion from relatives is probably to blame.

“Interestingly Apple was the most searched for returns policy on Christmas Day this year, and yet five of the top 20 Christmas gifts this year were Apple products," James Murray, digital insight manager for Experian Marketing Services said.

“This is probably a case of parents and grandparents confusing the various models of iPads and iPods available, as although an iPad Mini and and iPod Nano might sound similar, they are clearly very different products.”

So, it's not that we're not grateful for the presents, nan and granddad, but we wanted a bloody iPad mini because it fits in our satchel better, not an iPad 4 with Retina Display. Jeez.

Via: Telegraph