Apple patent unveiles e-ink LCD hybrid tablet plans

Hybrid screen to launch new breed of Apple tablets

Apple to take tablet hints from Kindle

Apple is reportedly working on ‘hybrid’ e-ink-LCD displays that a recently revealed patent filed by the Cupertino company suggests could be used in a new breed of tablet devices.

Imitating the hybrid displays that have already been developed by the likes of Pixel Qi, Apple’s patent outlines a display that would enable users to manually switch part of, or the entire full colour LCD display to a monochrome low-power e-ink offering.

As well as offering a battery-saving alternative to the current LCD display used in the iPad and iPad 2, Apple’s patented plans would offer users a more comfortable reading experience, emulating the Kindle, for the hugely popular iBooks application.

Dubbed simply “Systems and Methods for Switching Between an Electronic Paper Display and a Video Display,” the patent which would allow certain sections of the screen to utilise the e-ink technology whilst others continue to rock full LCD benefits, could prove a boost to digital newspapers and magazines with text sections using the e-ink and pictures and video content making use of the LCD credentials.

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Via: TechRadar | Via: AppleInsider