Apple patent dispute sees HTC handsets banned in the US

Latest twist in patent saga see HTC handed import ban on a selection of Android devices

Apple and HTC continue to duke it out in the patent courts with Apple proving victorious as HTC is handed an import ban on a host of Android phones

Apple's continued battle with patent courts has taken a new and dramatic twist as a number of HTC Android handsets are banned from sale within the US.

Facing a potential import ban on a host of its core handsets HTC has been given until April 2012 by the International Trade Commission to rectify its infringement on the Apple owned patent US594667.

The patent in question covers the relationship between how smartphones handle email addresses and phone numbers and the process taken when clicking the details to access a new means of contact.

HTC Handset Ban

Granted until April 19th to resolve the issues before a ban will be implemented, HTC has revealed it is pleased that the court through out nine other patent infringement cases filled by Apple.

"We are very pleased with the determination and we respect it. However, the '647 patent is a small UI experience and HTC will completely remove it from all of our phones soon."

The potential ban affects the sale of the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC Droid Incredible. Neither handset is available in the UK.

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Via: TechRadar