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Apple iTV: Specs

According to the Telegraph Apple recently just bought Matcha.tv an online TV guide and recommendations service which is designed to both increase the amount of new content you watch but also to make it easier by flagging TV series for on-demand viewing if you missed it live.

At present many are pondering as to why Apple has bought this company however there are those that believe the decision is one which will be used for Apple iTV helping users find new content whilst also integrating it with iTunes.

A new patent has also been revealed showing that Apple is working on a new construction technique which will see Corning's utlra-strong glass fused with the body of a TV or iMac making it much stronger whilst allowing it to be much thinner.

This process was orginally used on the iPhone 4S however the Apple iTV is a considerable amount bigger which probably explains why it's taking Apple so long in their efforts to upscale the technology.

Far from a simple television set, Apple iTV is set to land as a home entertainment hub with the internet-connected units to allow users to sync their iOS and Mac devices via the company’s iCloud service.

"Apple's ability to deliver hardware, software and content that could replace an entire entertainment system with a single TV, puts Apple in a unique position for the emerging connected TV cycle," says analyst Gene Munster. “Apple already has several of the key ingredients for success in the connected TV market, many of which would differentiate Apple from current market players."

With the iTV systems set to follow on from the current Apple TV service Apple is said to be readying the simultaneous arrival of an enhanced iTunes based content service to fill user’s systems with the latest television and movie based content at times of their choosing.

Said to follow in the footsteps of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Apple is reportedly planning on incorporating iOS into its iTV units with the mobile-friendly operating system allowing users to make readily available use of the abundant array of applications.

Further enhancing the cross device collaboration, reports have suggested Apple is to produce a number of applications that will allow users to utilise their current iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad devices as remote controls for their new Apple branded televisions.

Currently unknown is whether the Apple iTV units will connect to the web wirelessly or through cabled means as well as whether the television sets will feature an inbuilt harddrive to allow users to store content for offline viewing.

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Apple iTV: Content

More than a simple well designed box that will sit in the corner and display the usual array of terrestrial and digital broadcast content, Apple is rumoured to be planning a hefty content offering for the release of Apple iTV much like the iTunes music collection made available for the iPod or the App Store that services the iPhone and iPad.

Quoting “people familiar with the matter,” the WSJ has claimed that towards the end of 2011 “Apple executives have discussed their vision for the future of TV with media executives at several large companies.”

Whilst Apple has been linked with paying for the rights to exclusively broadcast a selection of English Premier League football matches, further reports have suggested the company is looking to source and create custom programming to offer users their own personalised content channels.

The rumours around a new Apple content stream have seen a lot expected from the Google rival. "We believe that Apple only enters mature markets with the goal of revolutionizing them, as it did with the smartphone," Gene Munster, Managing Director and Senior Research analyst with Piper Jaffray explained. "Without a revamped TV content solution, we do not think Apple enters the TV market... Apple enters markets to reinvent them."

Whilst the company has repeatedly shown its ability to turn digital content channels into vast amounts of money, Apple is reportedly facing a number of stumbling blocks in its attempts to tempt content providers to support the upcoming Apple iTV platform.

“A major roadblock for Apple along the way has been securing content needed to make an iTV succeed,” an unnamed insider source and former Apple employee told American news outlet USA Today in a recent interview.

“Apple has been unable to cut deals that would let it offer first-tier TV network programs for an à la carte iTunes TV service. That's seen as a key element to launching a revolutionary iTV.”