Apple iPhone 5 to feature LED projector for virtual display?

Concept iPhone minimises touchscreen for projector

Image 1 of 2 iPhone 5 concept
iPhone 5 concept
Image 2 of 2 iPhone 5 concept
iPhone 5 concept

Apple iPhone 5 concept designs begin rolling in

With news coming to us earlier today that the iPhone 5 will adopt a new look with a “different form factor” than the current iPhone 4, this concept design by Samuel Lee Kwon has tickled our fancy at T3 Towers as a handset free, project device that straps to your wrist.

Having attached the phone to your wrist, Kwon’s iPhone concept allows users to interact with a virtual image projected from the device’s inbuilt LED bulb projector. Although the wrist-residing unit does host a small touchscreen, most of the user functionality is carried out on the virtual palm display.

- Click here for a image of Kwon's Concept iPhone

The next generation iPhone concept might be a little out of the box by some standards and realistically not the likely outcome of the next Apple handset, however, its foresight and potential possibilities are highly impressive.

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