Apple inviting sports stars to test out the iWatch

Lakers star Kobe Bryant recently pictured at Apple's headquarters

Apple has begun offering famous US athletes the opportunity to put the iWatch through its paces.

Basketball star Kobe Bryant has been pictured at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, supposed to test out the iWatch.

LA Kings ice hockey player Dustin Brown and an unnamed member of the Boston Red Sox are also reported to have been drafted by Apple to test out its rumoured smart watch.

Apple is widely expected to pitch the health aspect of the iWatch when it unveils it later this year.

However, Apple is unlikely to put out just any device – it’s likely to be above and beyond anything out there currently.

Amongst the features rumoured to be in the smartwatch are ten or more sensors that can track a range of things, from heart rate through to blood glucose and oxygen levels. The device is also said to feature a sweat analysis tool too.

All of the data is expected to be fed into Apple’s new HealthKit app, which will debut with iOS 8. That suggests that the iWatch will launch alongside the iPhone 6.