Apple files 873-page legal claim over the word 'pod'

Apple doesn't want other companies to use 'pod'

The Cupertino company takes on another company that uses the word 'pod' in their product.

Apple has decided to get into a legal battle over the use of the word 'pod'.

Start-up company Sector Labs is developing a projector called Video Pod, which Apple is objecting to, because it uses the word 'pod'. Apple feels that consumers will be confused over the use of the word, which Apple uses for their range of music players.

Apple has filed an 873-page legal claim document to a US court outlining its claim to exclusively use the word 'pod'. Sector Labs will follow in early October.

Sector Labs' lawyer, Ana Christian, said to, "What I'm hoping to do with this case is to really reach a lot broader an audience and make it so entrepreneurs and small businesses can use the English language as they see fit in branding their products."

The US patent office will judge each of the companies' claims.

Sector Labs is not alone in being targeted by Apple for using the word 'pod' in their product line. Podium, MyPodder, TightPod and PodShow were all subject to Apple's objections. However, Sector Labs seems to be the only one to take Apple on in court.

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Via: BBC