App Week: Google's new iPad app, eBay updates for movie fans

Plus: Duke Nukem for Android and Channel 4 News for iPad reviewed

Google has updated its iOS search app, while eBay is hoping to grab the attention of movie and TV viewers while they watch. Plus we have a host of reviews from the T3 App Chart

Android/iPad App News: Charlie Brown Christmas interactive book arrives
The much loved festive cartoon, A Charlie Brown Christmas has been given a new lease of life with an interactive iPad book, which allows users young an old to experience Charles M. Schulz cherished tale in a completely new way. The book takes the form of a touchscreen pop-up book. You're able to move the characters around, while hitting certain items will cause the scene to change. There's also a bunch of built-in games.

Windows Phone App News: 40,000 titles now available
After a slow start, Microsoft's App Marketplace for Windows Phone is finally gaining a little steam. The store now boasts 40,000 titles, which will become 50,000 by the end of the year if predictions hold true. However, the fledgling OS still has a long way to go to catch Apple and Android, who have 400,000 and 500,000 respectively.

iPad App News: eBay introduces the ultimate product placement boon
eBay has updated its iPad app to sync with your TV guide and offer items related to the show or movie you're currently enjoying. So, for example, if you're watching Forrest Gump, the app will create a list of Bubba Gump Shrimp hats, CD soundtracks, signed posters and more. The eventual aim with the new eBay for iPad app is to make deals with clothing and electronics manufacturers to offer exact models and designs.

iOS App News: Google Search app upgraded with page previews
Google has overhauled its Search app for iOS devices with Instant Search and Page Previews. The excellently-designed new interface also features a built-in Chrome-a-like browser, which will challenge Apple's own Safari for your loyalties. Also new in the app is a brand new Google Images interface, which bares a strong resemblence to Apple's own Cover Flow.

iPhone App News: Starbucks bringing in-app payments to the UK
Coffee chain Starbucks is preparing to roll-out its in-app payment scheme to stores in the UK. The giant says the app will be made exclusively available for the iPhone and the iPod touch and can be used at the 700 stores on these shores. The app will effectively be a digital Starbucks card and shave all-important seconds off of your coffee-buying experience

Reviews from the T3 App Chart

iPad App Review: Channel 4 News
The stakes are high in the news apps market these days with BBC News, The Guardian and Sky News both offering fantastic on-the-go companions for Apple's tablet. However, C4 isn't quite in the same league as these guys yet. The app, according to our review, suffers from a severe lack of content, both written and multimedia. Read our C4 News for iPad review.

iPhone App Review: Dark Meadow
Dark Meadow arrived on the scene promising to be one of the next great iOS titles, but it hasn't quite worked out that way. According to our reviewer: "The game has a weird Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde thing going on: half the time, it’s a smart, atmospheric adventure game, and the other half, it’s a pale, sloppy Infinity Blade imitator." Find out more in our Dark Meadow for iPhone review.

Android App Review: Duke Nukem 3D
2011 hasn't exactly been a great year for the original video game ass-kicker and gum-chewer. His disastrous console outing Duke Nukem Forever has destroyed his admirable legacy and this Android port of the old classic doesn't do much to redeem it. Our reviewer says: "Not a disaster but Duke Nukem 3D for Android does shoot itself in its foot too much for it to be an enjoyable game on Android."