App Week: Chrome for Android, Facebook photo app canned

Plus: The latest reviews to from the T3 App Chart

In this week's round-up, Google has launched the Chrome browser for Android, while a popular Twitter clients has made its way to that Apple iPad.

Android App News: Google Chrome Beta launched
It's been a long time coming, but Google has finally completed the chain by launching a version of Chrome for Android smartphones. The Beta, which is only for Android Ice Cream Sandwich phones and tablets brings improved tabs, which can be flicked through like a deck of cards, and instant syncing with your desktop browser, meaning if you have to step away from your screen, the pages will be open and ready for you to use.

iPhone App News: Facebook photo sharing app canned
Remember last summer when that nifty-looking Facebook photo-sharing app was leaked, complete with screen shots? Well not a lot has happened since then and it seems that Facebook has decided against launching it altogether. The app, first discovered by Tech Crunch last July, was apparently in its very early stages and not a lot of work has been done on it since. Shame.

iPad App News: Tweetbox makes transition from iPhone
Make no mistake, the official Twitter app for iPad is a mighty fine piece of social networking goodness, but that doesn't mean we're closed off to new clients. Tweetbox has been a huge hit for the iPhone and now iPad users can get a piece of the action. The app allows you to turn your lists into separate timelines, while there's also a host of smart gestures to allow you to keep track of the whole conversation.

iPhone App News: The Walking Dead comes to the iPhone
The Walking Dead has been on of the best shows on telly these last couple of years and with the second season resuming on FXUK next week, the network has released an Walkers' Kill Count app for iOS which lets you score points as you watch the episodes. It's up to you to predict how many 'Walkers' meet their doom, while you'll also get the chance to choose the most kill-crazy survivor and the most used instrument of death.


iPad App Review: Let's Golf 2 HD
There's a lot to be said for the Tiger Woods alternatives out there, and the Let's Golf series is doing most of the talking. The game, complete with its cartoonish visuals may not have the variety and detail offered by the EA franchise, but there's a host of courses and characters to unlock and a forgiving difficulty setting means it's worth giving this sim a swing. Read our Let's Golf 2 HD for iPad review.

iPhone App Review: iBBQ
Yes, we can hear you. "Why the hell are these people posting about bloody BBQs in the dead of winter?" Well when is there not a good time for grilled steak, sausages and chicken? The iBBQ app for iPhone brings a host of fantastic recipes for outdoor cuisine along with a gorgeous interface. Now if we could just get a bit of sunshine...

Nokia App Review: Ferrari GT 2
It's been a while since we've featured a Nokia review, but in all honestly Symbian apps aren't really making many waves. For those still on the old platform here's a very decent racer to get your teeth into. Our reviewer says: "While the gameplay isn’t absolutely top drawer, Ferrari fans will really enjoy the experience of the various different vehicles and races – indeed, it’s not so much the variety of cars that impresses, but the different races instead. The game is a lot of fun too."

Android App Review: Transparent Screen
What a mighty fine idea this is. We've all gone crashing into fellow pedestrians when walking along and texting, but Transparent Screen for Android makes this a thing of the past. The app uses the handset's camera to effectively allow you to see through your phone and keep on eye on what's going on in front of you.