Amazon tablet could beat Apple iPad, say analysts

Future ebook-reading tablet could challenge Jobs & Co.

Amazon well-poised to launch own competitor to Apple's iPad?

With all sundry taking a swipe at Apple's tablet crown, market research bods Forrester have claimed that, while the likes of the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are noble efforts, the only company with the savvy to take on Apple head-on in the tablet market may be Amazon.

That's not to say Amazon scientists are as we speak tinkering in the lab to come up with the next iPad, but with its vast store of digital books and music, good customer relations record and experience in manufacturing and marketing the Kindle, a tablet from Amazon would have the best start possible for a tablet not born of Cupertino's Jobs and Co.

Apple is already impinging on Amazon's ebook market with its iBooks app and store, which effectively turns the iPhone and iPad into a pricey ebook reader. However, Amazon's own ebook reader, the Amazon Kindle, still dominates the e-reader market, with Amazon having sold more digital books for its Kindle than paperbacks earlier this year.

We'd certainly be interested to see what the Big A could bring to the tablet table. However, with the iPad 2 fresh out of the gate and selling over half a million units in its first weekend, perhaps Amazon would do well to stick with its e-readers, rather than follow the likes of Motorola, Samsung and LG into the brawl with Apple.

Link: Forrester