1 Million Angry Birds on Android

Alarm as national productivity plummets.

Android users really, really like Angry Birds.

Here at T3 we love Angry Birds. We love it so much that, frankly, you’re lucky that this website ever gets updated.

And it looks like we’re not alone. In what Rovio Mobile are calling “the biggest mobile beta test ever”, the beta version of Angry Birds for Android has hit 1 million downloads. That’s an awful lot of avian rage.

Rovio Mobile also took the opportunity to announce that the full version of the plucky puzzle game is almost finished and will hit Google’s OS soon.

Rovio Mobile are hoping that the Android release of Angry Birds will contribute to their lofty aims for the title: 100 million downloads across multiple platforms and devices including the iPad, Android, webOS, PC, Mac, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, Wii, Xbox, and PSP.

Via Ubergizmo