Laptop accessories: Best lap desks to buy

Take-anywhere nano-desks that cool and shield

As laptops get more powerful and the cases become more shiny and metal, inevitably, they get hotter. Cool down with these, our pick of the best lap desks to buy right now

Laptops truly are becoming more mobile every year, and they're also becoming more powerful, often negating the need for a personal computer. One drawback of this is the power of these machines often leaves them getting a bit hot under the collar, and if they're anywear near you, getting you a bit warm as well.

Herein enters the lap desk, devices that help cool your laptop with built-in fans or heat-shields to protect your more prized posessions. See our pick of the best below.

Best: For long term use
Logitech Comfort Lapdesk
Angles your laptop at 12 degrees to reduce neck strain and includes a heat-shielding layer to prevent any unseemly clamminess.
Price: £30
Link: Logitech

Best: For pumping up the volume
Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700
Bolsters your laptop’s weak sound with USB-powered speakers, each packing a meaty two-inch, high-performance neodymium driver.
Price: £70
Link: Logitech

Best: For staying frosty
Belkin Laptop Cooling Lounge
The Cooling Lounge’s integrated USB fan keeps your laptop’s innards cool and drives any excess heat outwards, rather than down on to your legs.
Price: £25
Link: Belkin

Best: For comfort
Targus Lap Chill Mat
This simplistic, hollow wedge of a lap rest is hewn from soft and breathable neoprene, with a brace of built-in fans for greater comfort.
Price: £21
Link: Targus

Best: For ease of use
Lap Desk Standard
If you need to get some serious work done, forget the trackpad; this portable desk offers a padded wrist rest and space to use a wireless mouse.
Price: £26
Link: LapDesk

Best: For tablets
LapGear Smart-E Deluxe
Clutching your iPad for long periods will destroy your wrist. Spare yourself the pain by opting for this stand, which doubles as a carry case.
Price: £21
Link: LapGear

Laptops: source of infertility and genital scalding?

Sheffield University’s Dr Allan Pacey explains the potential risks…

“There have been various reports showing that the testicular temperature of men who sit with laptops on their knees can increase considerably within minutes. Therefore, it has been inferred that excessive laptop use may reduce sperm production or damage the sperm that are produced, which could contribute to infertility. This has not been proven, it’s just an assumption. It is sensible to limit the amount of lap contact, though, if only to protect against burns; in one case a man burnt his penis after using a laptop in his pyjamas.”