Apple iCloud 5 features: What to expect

The latest on Apple's nearing cloud service

With iCloud being one of the few Apple products at WWDC still being surrounded by the foggy haze of speculation we've donned our wellies and waded through the gossip to find you the 5 most likely features of iCloud.

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iTunes mirroring
Reports have suggested that alongside the streaming this will be a very likely feature in iCloud. By scanning your music collection iCloud will then make it available in streaming format anywhere in the world. Almost certainly accessible on iPhone, iPad and iPod you'll simply need to sign in using your AppleID and your beloved collection will be there waiting for you, whether it's on WiFi or on the go.

High-Quality music streaming
With reports that Apple has now signed deals with all four of the major music labels this is probably the most confirmed rumour out of the bunch. This is the service that will offer users the ability to stream music from any location using Wi-Fi or mobile network simply by signing into the app using their AppleID. Essentially a competitor to Spotify and the such it's likely to come with a pay-monthly subscription and will be part of the complete iCloud 'package'.

Integration of MobileMe
Apple's first outing into cloud-storage was met with mixed reviews thanks to a stubborn refusal to play nice with Google accounts. By merging MobileMe and iCloud we can hopefully look forward to not only better compatability with email accounts such as Google, but also much more advanced cross-device compatability.

Free to OS X Lion users
While it's unlikely the full package will be on offer to users for nothing, its been heavily hinted that a scaled down version will come as part of the OS X Lion upgrade. Most likely dropping the music streaming and possibly even the iTunes mirroring the scaled down service will instead focus on file storage, attracting customers by offering the functionality side of the iCloud service.

File storage
Last but not least is the completely unconfirmed but very likely rumour that iCloud will, alongside it's many music talents, be offering the same style of file storage as DropBox. Some have even suggested (and this is on the fringes of being total fiction) that a removal of Time Capsule would see users firstly backing-up their Macs to the cloud, and then being able to directly access their Mac's from another device. All however will become clear when Apple announces iCloud at 6pm this evening GMT.