Amazon tablet rumours: What we know so far

Will we see Amazon's answer to the iPad in the near future?

All the latest Amazon tablet news, specs, and release date rumours in one place. Will Amazon's tab be the device to destroy the iPad and replace the Kindle? We'll find out soon enough...

The days when Amazon represented the place you could go shopping without leaving your bedroom are now long gone. With the Amazon Kindle continuing to convert readers to the digital age and the announcement of Amazon Cloud before Apple's iCloud service, the company clearly has big plans.

With many Amazon services already running on mobile platforms, an Amazon smartphone may be out of the question, however talk of an Amazon tablet continues to intensify by the week.

One market researcher has claimed that the online retail giant could have everything in place to beat the iPad. But what exactly do we know about the rumoured tablet PC device so far?

From tipsters, to inside sources, here's our look at the latest Amazon tablet rumours...

Amazon tablet according to Amazon

Amazon have yet to officially discuss the existence of a tablet device, but when CEO Jeff Bezos was quizzed by Consumer Reports whether a tablet was in the pipeline, Bezos said that people should “…stay tuned,” for more news.

Those wondering whether any potential Amazon tablet will see the demise of the Kindle can perhaps take some comfort from Bezos who added, “We will always be very mindful that we will want a dedicated reading device. In terms of any other product introductions, I shouldn’t answer.”

Amazon tablet name

According to information from a tipster who spoke to BGR, an entry level Amazon tablet is currently going under the codename “Coyote” and will boast NVIDIA Tegra 2 architecture. The main tablet device known by the codename “Hollywood” will be packing a quad-core processor, which should see it packing a more powerful processor than most of the best tablets on the market.

The latest on the Amazon tablet name is that it will be known as the Amazon Fire. That is according to TechCrunch who also claim to have already seen the device in action and believe the Android tablet will arrive at a press conference scheduled for Wednesday 28th at 3pm UK time.

Amazon tablet specs

The Amazon Tablet screen could well take form of a 10-inch LCD display with a 7-inch model also being primed according to the PC Mag and their sources in Taipei. As well as offering two different models, they also tip the Amazon tablet specs to include a Nvidia Tegra quad-core CPU.

DigiTimes supports the idea of a LCD display referencing a source close to Quanta, a LCD display manufacturer, that they will produce many of the key Amazon Tablet components and have already received orders from Amazon. It has also been suggested that E Ink Holding will provide components for the touch panel with a second touch-sensitive panel being rumoured for inclusion.

TechCrunch perhaps give the strongest indication that the Amazon tablet exists, having claimed to have already played with the 7-inch capacitive touchscreen slate that will run on a customised version of Android, support Wi-Fi only, will not include a camera, and will feature around 6GB of storage. The latter would suggest that users can expect to take advantage of Amazon cloud-based services such as the Amazon Cloud Player.

While there’s no indication on what type of services the Amazon tablet could offer, with Kindle for Android, the Amazon Appstore, Amazon Cloud Player and Amazon MP3 and Video services already in place, an Amazon tablet device would already have a platform to offer users many of the features already available to many tablets devices on the market.

Amazon tablet Android OS

While it is largely expected that an Amazon tablet PC device will adopt Android as its operating system, it has been suggested that Amazon could opt for a skinned version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread rather than the tablet-optimized Honeycomb Android OS. That interesting reveal comes from ZDNet, who refer jokingly refer to the tweaked Android OS as ‘Kindlebread’. A further report from gdgt claims that the Amazon tablet could run on its own custom operating system which will be built with the help of Samsung.

Amazon tablet release date

So when can we expect to see the Amazon tablet? invites to an Amazon event on September 28th have been sent out with many pointing to the official unveiling of the Amazon tablet. This would support earlier indications from Digitimes that it could launch as soon as August or September. That information has been sourced from Taiwan-based component makers, who also claim that Amazon will target sales of four million units before the end of 2011.

If it does land in on September 28th it will be all set to go head-to-head with the Apple iPad 2 and an army of Android tablets making it an interesting end of the year for tablet fans.

Do you think an Amazon tablet could be a success? What would you like to see from it? Let us know in the comments section below.