Where to buy jigsaw puzzles: the stores that still have stock

These shops still have jigsaw puzzles in stock, to help pass the time at home

Jigsaw puzzles in stock
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There's been a surge in popularity of jigsaw puzzles in the last few weeks, which is no surprise in a time when people need to find ways to while the hours indoors. But it does mean that they're harder to find in stock than they normally would be, and many of the specialist stores are unable to fulfil orders at all, even,

 But there are still plenty of places that do have jigsaw puzzles in stock, so we've made it easy to find where you can buy jigsaws right here, updated as things change.

We've put in links below to retailers that still have jigsaw puzzles in stock, where you can browse their whole ranges, since choosing a puzzle will always be reasonably personal – some stores make it easy to weed out products that aren't in stock, and we've done that wherever possible.

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Some choice jigsaw puzzles still in stock in the UK

Hokusai The Great Wave Jigsaw Puzzle, 1000 pieces | £12.99 at Waterstones
An art classic. It won't be an easy build in the plainer areas at the top (well, and the rest), but it'll definitely keep you occupied.
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Ravensburger Disney Princess Jigsaw Puzzle, 100 pieces | £8.99 at John Lewis
Can't really go wrong for Disney-loving kids with this one! It's aimed at 6 and up.
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Blppldyci Space Puzzle Jigsaw Puzzles for Grown Ups, 1000 Piece | £18.69 at Amazon UK
Look, if this hilariously bonkers space collage doesn't sell itself to you, nothing we can say here will. It shouldn't be too hard to put together for a 1000-piecer, thanks to all those disparate elements – they're not just for show!
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Gibsons White Logo Collection Floating Market Jigsaw Puzzle, 500 pieces | £10.49 at Amazon UK
This is a good balance of complexity for beginners – it's a dense image, but at 500 pieces, it won't be as impenetrable as the same pic would be at 1000 pieces.
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Some great jigsaw puzzles still in stock in the US

Disney Dreams 4-in-1 Jigsaw Puzzle Multi-Pack Series 3: 4 x 500 pieces | $22.35 at Sears
This is four 500-piece puzzles in one, each showing a different iconic Disney scene. If you're looking to pass the time, four for the price of one is hard to beat!
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Buffalo Games & Puzzles Star Wars Vintage Art - You're All Clear, Kid, 1000 pieces | $16.58 at Sears
Now let's build this thing and go home. Oh, right, we're already stuck at home. Well, it's a good thing we have this gorgeous Star Wars poster art puzzle then, isn't it?
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Galison Gray Malin 2-Sided Jigsaw Puzzle, The Snow, 500 pieces | $24.99 at Amazon US
This will be tough, but not too tough since it's 500 pieces. And then on the back there's a second 500-piece puzzle – bonus.
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Disney Frozen 2 4 Pack of Puzzles, 96 pieces | $95.99 at Amazon
This is four smaller puzzles in a single bag – ideal for younger kids. 

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