Online food delivery: which supermarkets still have delivery slots available?

Order food online and avoid the crowds – but be prepared to wait…

Which supermarkets still have delivery slots available?
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As the UK has entered Government-enforced lockdown, online food delivery has become more relevant than ever. Yes, you're allowed out of your house to buy essentials like groceries, but the government's advice is to minimise contact with other people to help combat the spread of coronavirus, and that's where supermarket deliveries come in. 

Of course, with more people working from home or in self-isolation, the demand for online grocery deliveries has greatly increased - putting a massive strain on the system. This is making it hard to get a delivery slot, with wait times now measured in weeks rather than days.

The good news is that supermarkets have been working hard to speed up the supply and availability of groceries. But which online grocery delivery service has the earliest slots?

That is, quite frankly, a very difficult story to answer, as there are many variables, but our friends at TechRadar have compiled a list of popular supermarkets in key areas around the country.

It looks like you'll be waiting until around the middle/end of April for a delivery slot.

These are the next available slots at supermarkets around the UK:


Tesco | Next delivery slot: from April 23 | New slots created at 23:30 each day

The biggest supermarket in the UK has limited availability. with the earliest slots from the 23rdth of April. Tesco has a decent selection of items online, with most brands in stock, but eggs, hand soap, pasta, milk and bread are the exception, with some items sold out. Customers who shop online are encouraged to shop in-store where possible to help free up delivery slots for the elderly customers and those who are self-isolating. A restriction of only 3 items per customer on every product line is in place, and multi-buy promotions have also been removed.

Amazon Pantry

Amazon Pantry | Next delivery slot: unknown | Available for Prime members

Amazon Pantry is a Prime-exclusive service, offering members low-priced everyday essentials. With a wide selection, you can choose among thousands of items, including food and beverages, alcohol, beauty and personal care items, household products, and pet supplies. Amazon Pantry delivers to the entire United Kingdom, and uses Amazon's existing network of delivery vans, so should cope pretty well the the increased strain.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh | Next delivery slot: unknown | Available for Prime members

Amazon Fresh isn't widely available in the UK, but it is available in big cities, such as London. It lets you do a weekly grocery shop, and includes foods from Whole Foods Market, Morrisons and Booths, plus everyday essentials, but delivery slots are currently limited. It's also only available for Prime members only. 


ASDA | Next delivery slot: unknown | Showing slots for the next two weeks

Just like Tesco, the first available delivery slot for ASDA is on the 14th of April, although, the supermarket currently seems to be having trouble with their website as the grocery section is currently down. Customers are limited to a three-item maximum on all food, toiletries and cleaning products when ordering online. When placing an online delivery order, anyone who is self-isolating is advised to fill in the ‘Other information’ section to advise where their order should be left, i.e. on the doorstep.


Ocado | Next delivery date: unknown | Virtual queue to visit the website

Currently if you visit the Ocado website you’ll be placed in a virtual queue, which can take up to four hours (or more) due to the high demand. If you have a delivery booked for Thursday 26th March you can log in to edit your order. Ocado is releasing slots as soon as they become available.


Morrisons | Next delivery slot: unknown | Virtual queue to visit the website

After having some website issues, Morrisons now has a virtual queue in order to access its grocery shopping section. Morrisons is working on introducing a number of measures to help reduce the number of substitutes and missing items that some customers are encountering with their online food shops.


Iceland | Next delivery slot: unknown | A good option, if more slots become available

Iceland is a great option if you're part of a vulnerable group, as it's currently prioritising deliver to those who most need it. Delivery slots can be booked a week ahead, and the stock seems to be pretty good. You'll get free delivery if you spend over £35.


Waitrose | Next delivery slot: unknown | A good option, if more slots become available

Waitrose is still accepting new customers, however, all delivery slots are unavailable. It doesn't look like many will open up in the near future either, as the brand isn't confirming any new slots at the moment. The company has paused its online voucher codes along with any offer incentives until further notice. Some products are restricted, for example, customers only allowed to buy a maximum of two packets of toilet roll and three of any specific grocery item. Entertainment products are also no longer available to order online for the foreseeable future. It's also worth noting substitutions for online orders cannot be returned to your driver if they have been handled, and drivers will not enter homes. All online deliveries will be bagged as well to make them easier to collect quickly.


Sainsbury's | Next delivery slot: unknown | No new customers, and only delivering to vulnerable group

Due to the increased demand, Sainsbury's has currently paused registrations for all new customers. That's okay, though, because even if you have an existing account, delivery slots are limited. The company offers a click & collect service but this is unavailable. Elderly customers and those deemed as vulnerable will be offered priority delivery slots.

Please remember, if you do manage to get a delivery slot, use the service responsibly and only order what you need – don't be selfish.

Looking for something else?

Of course, supermarkets aren't the only way to get your groceries delivered – there are also meal box delivery services (which deliver ingredients and recipes to your door), as well as good old-fashioned take-aways (if you don't fancy cooking).

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