This Lego Flintstones set is the best thing you can yabba-dabba-do this weekend

The new Lego Ideas set builds The Flintstones' home and car from plastic Rubble

Lego Flintstones

The coolest new Lego set we've seen in a while is launching today, and it's another great design from the Lego Ideas program: the Flintstone's house, complete with Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty. 

Lego Ideas sets are submitted by amateur designers for voting, and Lego chooses some of the most popular to turn in to real sets. There have been some crackers from it in the past, including the Lego Ghostbusters set, Lego Back to the Future, Lego Apollo 11, and even the now-ubiquitous Lego Minecraft. Quite a few have featured in our list of the best Lego sets.

Lego Flintstones

This Flintstones set is from the same designer as the super-popular Lego Doctor Who TARDIS set that launched a few years ago, and this one looks to be just as popular. The rocky house has an authentic-looking front, complete with slanted roof that can be easily removed, while round the back you can see inside the home, with  stone-age furniture and TV. There's even a bowling ball and pins.

The car comes with giant ribs to balance (or not) on the side, and the fabric roof can be retracted (a Lego first).

It hits the Lego store today, so make sure you don't miss your chance to rock one of these sets.