The best Sony Alpha A7 II Black Friday deals

Thinking about the Alpha A7 but want a bit more? The Sony Alpha A7 II could be the ideal solution. Check out the best Sony A7 II Black Friday deals below

Sony Alpha A7 II Black Friday deals
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The Sony Alpha A7 II offers a touch more sophistication than its brother, the Alpha A7, and for that you are paying that much more. But with Amazon previously knocking £500 off the price, let’s see what other offers are in store with these best Sony Alpha A7 II Black Friday deals. 

If you’re an amateur photographer looking to up your game, the A7 II is a great place to start. It manages to combine size, tech features, and image quality, to offer the ideal amateur camera for a great price. 

The most commendable features of the Sony A7 II are its full frame sensor, image stabilisation capabilities, and ability to adapt to a range of lighting conditions. For that all important image quality, you’ll be pleased to hear that the A7 II also offers good noise control, while its colour game is pretty good, too. 

Experts also say that it feels solid in the hand, and with moisture and dust resistance, you don’t need to feel scared about taking it on a day out. 

So why is it available at such a reasonable price? Well, there are some compromises. These include HD video recording capabilities, rather than 4K, and you may find the Viewfinder colours slightly unsaturated. 

All in all the A7 II is definitely a great buy, so make sure you check out the best Alpha A7 II Black Friday deals below. 

The best Sony A7 II Black Friday deals  

If you think the Sony A7 II isn’t quite for you, you can either check out its cheaper younger brother, the Sony A7, or take a look at our best cheap camera deals page.  

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