The best Apple iPad Air Black Friday deals

Apple's iPad Air is one of the best tablets ever. Grab one with a fantastic Black Friday deals discount

Apple iPad Air Black Friday deals
(Image credit: Apple)

While the evenings might be getting ridiculously short, we do have some good news: Black Friday deals are here and with them discounts on the latest tech, fashion, fitness, toys, and a lot more besides. One good deal to take a look at right now: Apple's iPad Air, one of the best tablets going, has some tasty discounts on offer.

The iPad Air sits between the regular 10.2-inch iPad (with home button) and the iPad Pro within Apple's line-up; a cheaper but powerful alternative that could, at a push, replace your laptop but is actually more right at the top-end of the tablet sphere.

We're big, big fans of having a tablet in general and the Air is pretty perfect: a big, gorgeous screen, tonnes of apps for your every need, strong front and back cameras, and all-day battery life for endless watching, surfing, or calling.

Earlier this year, Apple updated the iPad Air to have a similar all-display design to the iPad Pro, opening it up to the Magic Keyboard and Pencil accessories in the process.

Let's jump into the deals for the 2019 and 2020 iPad Air.