Save £200 on the cheapest PS5 TV with 120Hz and VRR in Currys' Black Friday deals!

Samsung's 55-inch Q75T QLED TV is full of gaming tech, and is now just £899

Samsung Q75T
(Image credit: Samsung)

Looking for the perfect TV to make the most of your imminent PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X arrival? If you want to take advantage of features such as 120fps gaming and Variable Refresh Rate, you need a latest-gen TV with all the right tech… and among the Currys Black Friday deals is this Samsung gem.

Samsung QE55Q75T | Was £1,099 | Now £899 | Save £200 at Currys

Samsung's QLED TVs are design around giving you bold colours and bright images, which are perfect for showing off what next-gen games can do. The Q75T sits in the middle of Samsung's 2020 QLED range, bringing excellent panel tech and image quality, but with a slightly less advanced backlight system than the more flagship models.

It's a great balance of image quality and price, but crucially Samsung hasn't skimped on the tech inside it, which is why it's perfect for PS5 and the new Xboxes. You've got support for 4K at 120Hz over HDMI, Variable Refresh Rates, and it will auto switch to its gaming mode when a console is activated, meaning games always feel as responsive as possible.

Samsung's gaming mode is one of the best available too, giving impressively low lag times but still keeping enough processing to make the most of the TV's panel can do.

Samsung also has one of the best smart TV platforms, so it's great for movies and TVs too – it's packed with streaming services, and is really easy to use and unfussy.

Samsung QE55Q75T | Was £1,099 | Now £899 | Save £200 at Currys
Samsung's Q75T is a great 4K QLED TV for the money, and this 55-inch model is the cheapest TV you can get with support for 4K at 120Hz and VRR – two key next- console features. It's also a bright screen with great HDR performance and a top-tier smart platform, packed with all the key apps, from Netflix to Disney+ to Apple TV.View Deal

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