PS5 restock: GAME stock goes live twice in one day

GAME has gone live with a second shipment of PS5 consoles

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Update: GAME has once again sold out of its allotted stock. The morning stock went in under two hours, while the afternoon stock (presumably cancellations) were all bought up in less than 20 minutes. 

Check for PS5 stock on GAME here

The retailer expected a large amount of traffic and therefore only allowed consumers to purchase one console within 24 hours. Any further orders will be cancelled. Alternatively, GAME advises anyone to contact their local store for potentially more stock. 

Miss out? Fear not! Amazon looks set for a big restock very soon, while we also have confirmation of an Argos restock happening in the next week. Meanwhile, head on over to T3's official PS5 restock tracker to find out where the next drop will take place. 

Original Story: GAME has had a massive PS5 restock this morning. Head on over to GAME's website to pick one up before stock runs out. The selection is made up of standard PS5 consoles, as well as digital and bundles, so there's a decent number. 

The games retailer expected large amounts of traffic and therefore is only allowing consumers to purchase one console within 24 hours. As a result, any further orders will be cancelled. Priority delivers will be shipped by October 15th, while any other delivery methods will then arrive by October 21st. Payments are withdrawn on dispatch day, not when orders are placed.

GAME has also advised anyone looking for the console to contact their local store for potentially more stock in its physical stores. Following its last restock, GAME held another PS5 drop a few hours later to make up for any cancelled orders. This could again take place later today. 

GAME officially confirmed that a PS5 restock would take place this morning, after we previously reported on the drop. 

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Those lucky enough to pick up a PlayStation 5 will have a variety of games to choose from, including Deathloop, Far Cry 6, Returnal and Kena: Bridge of Spirits available to play right away. Not to mention the likes of Horizon: Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarok, which are now both in the works for the platform. 

As always, the stock on the site isn't necessarily a true reflection of what's available, so don't close the window. Perseverance and patience are key! Queues for standard PS5 consoles state around a 30 minute wait time currently but that can change rapidly. Join the queuing system and wait, then if one drops out, quickly switch to another. 

Bundles are undoubtedly the best way to secure a console from our experience. To be extra safe, we'd also suggest purchasing bundles without Spider-Man: Miles Morales as they sell out the fastest... because who doesn't love Spidey. This Ratchet & Clank and FIFA bundle is probably worth a shot. Best of luck!

You can always keep tabs on upcoming PS5 stock drops using our PS5 stock tracker, but if the wait for Sony's console is taking its toll, you can always take a peek at our Xbox Series X stock tracker so you can start playing next-gen games as soon as possible. 

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