Microsoft's Band now available to buy in the UK

The smartwatch/fitness band hybrid will set you back £169.99

It's been a long time coming, but Microsoft's first foray into the world of wearables has finally hit our shores. The Band packs a bevy of sensors, smartphone notifications and a partnership with Nuffield Health.

While our American cousins have been getting to grips with the Microsoft Band for a while now, it's not been available for UK folk. That all changes today though, as the wearable can now be picked up for £169.99.

For your cash you'll get a fairly capable piece of wearable tech complete with 10 sensors, GPS for accurate run tracking, a 1.4-inch display and a two-day battery life.

The software giant has also unveiled a partnership with Nuffield Health, so you'll have access to a range of goal-based Guided Workouts right from the Band and the companion Health app. Though, we're told this is coming soon in a future software update.

Those sensors we mentioned will track your heart rate, monitor the amount of calories you've burnt and even keep an eye on your stress levels. All the data it collects will then be beamed back the Health app, which is available for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Multiple platform support is one of the wearables biggest selling points, especially as many fitness bands still don't support Microsoft's steadily improving mobile operating system.

It's not just for tracking your stats though, the Band also boasts some basic smartwatch features like message and phone alerts. There's also room for Microsoft's clever digital assistant, Cortana.

Since the Band's release across the pond, it has recieved a mixed reception from critics. Many have applauded its decent battery life and comfortable build, but the lack of any waterproofing and middling design have let it down.

While it's certainly not to going to give the Apple Watch a run for its money, the Microsoft Band is a viable option if you're looking to pick up a fitness band that does a bit more than just track your steps. It's available now from PC World, Amazon and directly from Microsoft's Store.