Home workout to get stronger at home. No weights? No problem...

You can still get intense exercise at home even without decent dumbbells or kettlebells. Here's how…

Home workout tips for no equipment workout
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The art of the home workout is a topic of hot debate online, as rival fitness experts push their version of the best home workout that you can possibly do. The problem is, a lot of them also require the best home gym equipment –  and much of that has sold out.

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Can't buy weights online? Haven't got the dosh to invest in a decent treadmill? Don't worry, you can use much simpler gear that is less expensive, available to buy, and easy for beginners whilst being useful to more advanced home workout practitioners. Especially if you are planning on building functional muscles, the recommendations below from Burn Boot Camp cofounder and CEO Devan Kline will be right up in your street. He shares his knowledge on simpler but no less effective home workouts. Even if you can’t get your hands on the best kettlebells or best dumbbells, you can stay in shape.

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As Devan puts it: "sliders have a lot of versatility and work incredibly well on carpet, which makes it the perfect at-home piece of equipment. Place them under your hands or feet to allow your arms and legs to slide front to back in a plank position or plank on your knees. If sliders are sold out, use paper plates."

We are sure everyone has some disposable paper plates at home, but just in case you would like to buy sliders (they are cheap), have a look on Amazon. Other cheap home gym equipment we can wholeheartedly recommend are the best ab rollers. If they look a touch intimidating, we can also show you how to use an ab roller. Nice and easy. 

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Jump ropes

Devan explains: "Jump ropes are a simple and effective piece of workout equipment that should be in everyone’s home. Get your heart rate up either as a warm up to get the blood flowing before you move on to other things or to keep your heart rate up and those calories burning throughout your entire workout. If jump ropes are sold out, head to your local hardware store and buy some utility rope."

We recommend using jump ropes outside the house, not only there are more space for the rope but your neighbours will also appreciate the lack of vibration from you jumping around in your flat.

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Resistance bands

Devan explains: "The best resistance bands are the perfect at-home piece of equipment because not only can it be used in a million different ways, it can help you build strength without the need for weights. Use them around our ankles or just right above the knee to get in a good leg burn. If resistance bands are sold out, you can use a bungee cord."

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