GAME PS5 restock update is the great news PlayStation gamers needed

The games retailer GAME has updated its website to say when its next PS5 restock is dropping and what bundles are available

 GAME PS5 restock Sony PlayStation 5
(Image credit: Sony)

Loyal wannabe Sony PlayStation 5 gamers waiting for a GAME PS5 restock have just got some heartening news. That's because the games retailer has updated its website to not only show when it will have new PS5 stock, but also just what bundles it is going to offer, too.

And, the GAME PS5 restock includes console deals, console and game deals, console and accessory deals and a suite of über PlayStation 5 bundles that include games, accessories, extra controllers, a PlayStation Plus membership and branded merchandise.

Indeed, it looks like the incoming GAME PS5 restock is going to be the biggest and most comprehensive yet, with packages designed for every gamer.

GAME PS5 restock Sony PlayStation 5

A screenshot of the GAME store showing a selection of the bundle deals soon to be available for purchase.

(Image credit: GAME)

In terms of the crucial GAME PS5 restock timing, each console and bundle listed on the retailer's website now shows a release date of 27/05/2021, which means that gamers now only have to wait just over a month for this next wave of PlayStation 5 consoles to drop.

There had been hope that we could see more PS5 stock drop in late April after a number of stores, including GAME, had what turned out to be placeholder dates for the end of April visible on their websites. That didn't pan out, but judging by the bounty of listings on GAME's website, it sure looks like it will be worth the wait, as there appears to be a console for everyone incoming.

Here's hoping, then, that this GAME PS5 restock isn't hijacked by scalpers like so many others have been. Retailers did an awful job of curtailing scalping during the first three months of the PlayStation 5 being on sale, but the good news is that is slowly getting better, with preventative measures being put in place to prevent automated scalper bots from running rampant.

As such it sure looks like May is going to be the month when the majority of gamers who want a PS5 actually finally get to land the console of their dreams and start playing awesome PS5 games.

To see which other retailers have PS5 consoles in stock right now, or are due to get them in soon, be sure to check out T3's PS5 stock tracker.

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