Best Apple Watch deals for Amazon Prime Day and June 2021

Get an affordable Apple Watch – these are the best Apple Watch deals

best Apple Watch deals

If you're in the market for a new Apple Watch, you've come to the right place – we've got the very best Apple Watch deals to get you tapping away on your wrist in no time. 

You've also come to this page at the right time, because you can expect some epic discounts on Apple's smartwatch at the moment.

Apple is continuing its push into the watch market with Apple Watch Series 6, which sees new design options, a brighter display, and enhanced health features.

Each Apple Watch is available in either 38mm and 42mm or 40mm and 44mm varieties. 

Best Prime Day Deals | 21-22 June 2021
Looking for cheap Apple Watch deals? Well, we’ve got some good news for you – Amazon Prime Day will be held on Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 June. That’s quite a bit earlier than last year. Check out our guide on the deals to expect and the best early deals.

Which Apple Watch should you get?

If you're looking for the best Apple Watch, you'll want the Series 6. It's the latest and greatest for a number of reasons.

For a start, there are a number of new personalisation options, including blue and PRODUCT(RED) models. Secondly, it has a convenient always-on display, and finally, it has a built-in compass.

If you're looking for a slightly cheaper model, you could go with the Series SE. It's got a the same display as the Series 5, which stretches to the edge of the device, and vastly improved health and fitness features over previous versions.

If you're looking for even cheaper models, you could go with the Series 2 or Series 3.

Both the Series 2 and 3 are water-resistant to 50 metres, both also have a faster dual-core processor and GPU, and a brighter display compared to the original Apple Watch. 

Crucially, with the Series 3, there’s built-in GPS, which can measure routes, pace and distance when you’re out on a run or hike without needing an iPhone – often a criticism of the first Apple Watch.

And be aware that the Series 1 isn’t the oldest Watch rebadged, it does have the better dual-core processor inside. You can pick one up for a very low price now.

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Best Apple Watch Series 6 deals

Apple Watch SE

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Best Apple Watch SE deals

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Best Apple Watch Series 5 deals

The Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest and greatest Apple Watch model. In terms of upgrades, it's more like a Series 4.5, with a similar design and specs to the Series 4. 

The Series 5 is improved with a always-on display, compass, and upgraded Emergency SOS features.

As it's the newest model, discounts could be difficult to come by. These are the best prices we can find:

These are the best Apple Watch 5 GPS + 4G prices we can find:

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Best Apple Watch Series 4 deals

Announced alongside the iPhone XS and XS Max at Apple's September event in 2018, the Apple Watch Series 4 was the first time that Apple updated design and size of the Watch since it was first released.

The new design featured a larger screen that reaches closer to the edges, a slightly thinner body, and impressive ECG monitor.

Now that this model is a year old, you'll start to see some impressive deals pop up. This could be the model to go for if you're not interested in the new titanium model or always-on display.

These are the best deals you can get on the cellular Apple Watch Series 4:

Apple Watch

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Best Apple Watch Series 3 deals

The biggest update to the Apple Watch Series 3 was a cellular connection, enabling you to use the smartwatch free from an iPhone or Wi-Fi network. You'll even be able to make voice calls over cellular, again, without an iPhone present. 

This is really useful for people who use their Apple Watch for running, and hate taking their iPhones with them – you'll even be able to stream music from Apple Music.

As the Apple Watch Series 3 is now the last generation we can expect some pretty serious discounts, so if you're looking for an Apple smartwatch, and aren't fussed about having the latest model, the Apple Watch Series 3 should be the one to go for.

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 Best Apple Watch Series 2 deals 

The Apple Watch Series 2 saw a big update to the Watch internally, even if it remained  largely unchanged on the outside but has now been discontinued in favour of the Series 3. Still, that means there will be some good deals on it.