Amazing Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle is free with a smartphone from EE

Get a PS4 Pro bundle with an iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy 9 Plus

PS4 Pro smartphone deal
(Image credit: Fonehouse)

This is a great deal if you're already looking for a new phone and aren't fussed about having the latest - and most expensive - model. With each new iteration sporting the smallest of changes, you can still get a fantastic phone even if it's a few models old. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and iPhone 8 are two such smartphones; both handsets launched last year and are still solid picks for a new phone. Because they're not 2019 models, the contract price for them is very reasonable, and you'll get a PS4 Pro with the fantastic Marvel's Spider-Man for absolutely free. 

Check out the details of the deal below.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus OR iPhone 8 | 60GB/ 50GB data per month | PS4 Pro Spider-Man bundle |Deal price: £53.50 / £50.50 per month
This deal saves you a whopping £347.99 on the price of the PS4 Pro console and Marvel's Spider-Man. You'll receive your free gift 90 days after you've signed up for your new EE contract with Fonehouse that comes with unlimited minutes and texts, and if you pick the Samsung S9 Plus you'll get 60GB per month, while the iPhone 8 deal will get you 50GB, which is still plenty. View Deal

While both of these smartphones released last year, they're still great devices. We loved the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, and called it the "most premium and polished phone of 2018," while the iPhone 8, which got somewhat overshadowed by the iPhone X, is still "the iPhone you know and love". If you're after a new phone and are looking for a console upgrade to boot, this is a great deal.

Shabana Arif
Shabana Arif

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