GoPro HERO 7 Black vs HERO 8 Black: which is best value for money?

Don't need the newest GoPro? We compare the GoPro HERO 8 Black and 7 Black to see if either will fit the bill for you

GoPro HERO 7 Black vs HERO 8 Black
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So, you're after an action camera and have decided on a GoPro – great decision. With a superb range of best-in-class action cameras, GoPro's dominance of the market is very well deserved. While those with the deepest pockets will likely shell out for one of GoPro's newer models – the HERO 9 Black or HERO 10 Black – cannier buyers will be weighing up whether picking up an earlier iteration of the HERO represents better value for money. It's no surprise our best cheap action camera ranking contains several older GoPros.

While you should head to our best GoPro ranking for a full look at all the different models on sale, this article is here to weigh up the differences between the GoPro HERO 7 Black and GoPro HERO 8 Black. Unsurprisingly, these represent the best of the older versions as they were both once flagship models themselves. But which to choose? Does the HERO 7 Black represent better value than the HERO 8 Black, or is the newer model a more worthy investment? Let's find out…


Picking up both cameras, there's not a massive amount of difference between them, though the HERO 8 is slightly wider, has more rounded edges and is a few grams heavier than its predecessor. Both cameras also feature a 2-inch rear touchscreen and a front-facing camera status screen – the GoPro HERO 9 Black is the only HERO camera with an in-built front view screen.

Despite the external similarities, one crucial point of different is the method used to mount the cameras to mounts or other accessories. While the HERO 7 Black needs to be fitted into an external frame to enable mounting, the HERO 8 Black has two ‘folding fingers' that hinge out from its base enabling you to fit the camera directly to a mount or whatever accessory you choose.

GoPro Hero 8 black

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Both cameras have more or less the same OS, which is extremely simple to get to grips with. They also both pack an almost identical array of really useful and well thought out software features such as image stabilisation, moving hyperlapse video, time lapse video, 8x slow motion video and voice controls.

However, while software features such as the excellent HyperSmooth stabilisation and TimeWarp hyperlapse video made their GoPro debut on the HERO 7 Black, with the HERO 8 Black you get the 2.0 versions with more advanced capabilities and additional shooting modes.


There's little to choose between the cameras in terms of image quality and they can both shoot 4K video at 60FPS, take 12 megapixel stills and photo bursts up to 30FPS (at 12MP). 

The HERO 8 Black has the edge over its predecessor once again though with an additional digital lens, LiveBurst mode that captures images 1.5 seconds before and after the shutter is pressed, and a Night Lapse video mode.

GoPro Hero 7 Black

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The GoPro HERO 8 Black has an RRP of £329.99 (or £279.99 if you buy a one-year subscription to GoPro Plus at £49.99), while the HERO 7 Black comes in at £50 cheaper with an RRP of £249.99 – see our price tracker below for the very best, up to the minute deals.

While a vast world of accessories are available for either camera, including protective housings, mounts, grips and much more, the HERO 8 Black also has its own range of dedicated Mods, which expand the video capabilities of the camera.

To use the Mods, you'll first need to buy the Media Mod (RRP 79.99) which enhances the HERO 8 Black with a directional microphone and two cold shoe accessory mounts. It also allows you to then add a flip-up, front facing screen in the form of the Display Mod (RRP £79.99), or the Light Mod (RRP £49.99) so you can light your subject with four levels of brightness up to 200 lumens.

In the widgets below you'll find the best current prices on both models. Then scroll down for our overall verdict.


In terms of basic video and photo quality there is almost nothing between these two cameras and both do an excellent job of enabling you to capture stunning photos and video with ease. Where the HERO 8 Black just has the edge is in terms of the expanded range of capture facilities and enhancements it offers.

The biggest advantage the HERO 8 Black has over its rival though is that unlike the HERO 7 Black, it does not need to be fitted into a frame before attaching to mounts or other accessories, which makes it far easier to use.

Despite being three generations old, the HERO 7 Black is still an excellent and extremely rugged action camera well worth serious consideration. However, it's newer and slightly more expensive relative beats it in almost every department and so for our money the HERO 8 Black is the one to choose here.

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