Best apps for improving the performance of your gaming computer

Having the best hardware is one thing for a gamer, optimizing it can make things better

We look at five software tools for your gaming PC that could take your PC to the next level.

If you are a keen PC gamer you know that getting every last drop of performance out of your set-up is essential. Anything that can up the MHz of processors, memory and graphics cards can make all the difference between a decent gaming experience or a frustrated gamer putting up with jittery gameplay or poor graphics.

Game Booster

Playing games on a Windows PC means that the computer is most likely doing something besides lobbing a zombie hoard at you. There are dozens of processes that are running in the background and not all of them are required during gameplay. Game Booster can switch these processes off enabling you to free up more memory and power to your game instead.

It comes with a tweaking tool that fine-tunes Windows settings as well as a diagnostic tool for analyses other problems your PC has.

Nvidia GeForce Experience

Keeping graphic card drivers up to date is essential if gameplay is to remain optimal. If you have an Nvidia card, its GeForce Experience is certainly a good tool to have to update drivers and more besides. The software can trawl through a system and automatically adjust graphics and other settings to get the most out of your gaming rig. The tool also sports a feature called ShadowPlay which records gaming sessions you can then upload to Twitch or YouTube to show off your gaming prowess to mates.


Frame rate is a big deal to gamers; it can make all the difference between shooting your enemies or being shot by them. Fraps displays the frame rate in a corner of the screen while you are playing it and can help fine-tune graphics cards to ensure maximum frame rate. The tool can also record gameplay too.


The Device Manager tool that comes with Windows is great for checking out your gaming hardware kit but HWiNFO takes this to another level of detail. Overclockers will find this useful as the tool displays the temperature of processor cores within multi-core systems. There is also a graph of memory usage so errant memory-hogging apps can be discovered and vanquished. The tool also monitors network speeds to help banish lag.

MSI Afterburner

You may think that any tool from MSI would only work for its products but MSI Afterburner also works with cards that use Nvidia GeForce processors and AMD Radeon chips. The tool enables users to tweak settings to improve graphics card performance. It can adjust, or overclock, the speed of the graphics processor or video memory. It can also monitor the temperature of the card and adjust fan speeds so you don't end up overheating and cooking the card.