Audeze Maxwell Wireless review: a near-perfect premium gaming headset

This wireless gaming headset works with consoles, computers, and more

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Audeze Maxwell Wireless
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The Audeze Maxwell Wireless excels in just about every area, from the sound quality to the battery life. This headset isn't the cheapest or the lightest, but if you like the design then we'd say there aren't many better options out there in terms of what you get for the price.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Superior soundscape quality

  • +

    Choice of connectivity options

  • +

    Stylish and polished design

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No active noise-cancellation (ANC)

  • -

    Relatively expensive price point

  • -

    Ear cans are on the chunky side

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The Audeze Maxwell Wireless wants to offer premium-level acoustics for gamers, and comes in both Xbox and PlayStation versions. We tested the latter here, making this a contender for the best PS5 headset as well as the best PC gaming headset on the market.

It's certainly an impressive headset, with encouraging specs – so long as you're not looking for anything with active noise-cancelling (ANC). In our full Audeze Maxwell Wireless review, we'll dig deep into all aspects of the headset experience, from initial setup to the average battery life.

By the time you've finished reading, you'll know whether this is the best gaming headset for you – and we've got plenty more expert advice to give you as well, whether you're looking for the best gaming laptops or the best gaming chairs.

Audeze Maxwell Wireless review: price & availability

You can check the widgets embedded in this page for the latest pricing on the Audeze Maxwell Wireless, but at the time of writing the headset was available for around £320 in the UK and $300 in the US. In the UK, you can find them at Scan as well as Audeze directly.

Audeze Maxwell Wireless review: design & setup

Audeze Maxwell Wireless

(Image credit: Future)

From the moment that you open the box the Audeze Maxwell Wireless headset lets you know that you're dealing with a high-end bit of kit – even the packaging is luxurious. In the box you've got the headphones themselves, a USB-C wireless dongle, a 3.5mm-to-3.5mm audio cable, a USB-C-to-USB-C charging cable, and the detachable boom mic.

While there's nothing revolutionary about the aesthetics on show here, we nevertheless find them very easy on the eye. It's all sleek and refined and black, with chunky and larger-than-normal earcups with plenty of padding for comfort. The spring steel headband isn't adjustable, but has plenty of give in it, and felt comfy and snug during our gaming sessions.

The headset also carries a decent amount of weight with it, tipping the scales at 490g. For us, that just adds to the premium-level feel of this headset: it certainly doesn't make the Audeze Maxwell Wireless uncomfortable to wear at all, in our experience. Initially they can feel a little clamp-like, but we soon got used to the fit, and the headset stays reassuringly stable when it's on your head.

Setup couldn't be much simpler, and we're pleased to see so many connectivity options here: USB-C dongle, Bluetooth, or even a wired analogue cable. Having that wired option available really is useful for those who prefer plugging in (but do note the headset still requires power, so it's not a workaround for when the battery depletes). There are a decent amount of controls on the device itself too, covering volume, mic mute, and even game/chat mix.

Audeze Maxwell Wireless review: features & audio

Audeze Maxwell Wireless

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This headset is fitted with large 90mm planar magnetic drivers (hence the big-ish cans), designed to please the more discerning audio lover as well as the serious gamer, and we're pleased to report that they deliver sound that's warm and detailed in all the right ways. It's an excellent audio experience whether you're playing music or gaming, and we think even serious audiophiles are going to be impressed.

From the screech of tyres in GTA V, to the rustle of leaves in Red Dead Redemption 2, to the quietest and loudest parts of The Smashing Pumpkins discography (so very quiet to very loud), the headset performed admirably. Details stay clear and well-defined at all volume levels, with no distortion as you ramp up the volume. And really that's what you want from a gaming headset like this – clarity and quality.

Full marks on the microphone options too: a more basic internal one if you don't want anything sticking out in front of your face; or the detachable boom mic that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to suppress external sounds. In our testing the latter was really effective, so you're guaranteed to be heard loud and clear when you're chatting in games (or when you're on video conference calls with colleagues).

There are some premium features missing, such as active noise-cancelling (ANC) – but the headset does a fairly good job of blocking out sounds anyway. You're not going to get a completely isolated audio experience in a loud environment, but it's not bad. If you're a Windows user, you also have the option of installing the Audeze HQ app, which gives you a decent selection of equaliser settings as well.

Audeze Maxwell Wireless review: verdict

Audeze Maxwell Wireless

(Image credit: Future)

The Audeze Maxwell Wireless gaming headset really is a pleasure to use, and produces great sound. Higher frequencies are particularly well handled, though there's nothing at all wrong with the bass response – actually it's so good that we're seriously considering using this headset as our go-to device for audio, not just gaming. 

The difference compared to cheaper headsets is clear, so you absolutely get your money's worth from Audeze. Bear in mind that the choice of connection options here means you can easily use the headset with a smartphone or a tablet when you're not gaming, although the bulk might rule them out for listening when on the go.

Audeze says you'll get around 80 hours between battery charges, and we got close to that while using the headset (it depends to some extent what you're using them for). Despite the gadget being on the heavier and tighter side, relatively speaking, we got through gaming sessions lasting several hours without having a problem with comfort – though more flexibility in adjusting the fit would be welcome.

In short, it's hard to fault the Audeze Maxwell Wireless gaming headset for their quality of materials and sound. Perhaps you might not like the design and fit, but we really do – and when you add in the seriously impressive audio, the broad compatibility and flexible connectivity options, and the extended battery life, we'd say it's definitely one of the best gaming headsets out there right now.

Also consider

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