Sony Inzone H3 review: a value-for-money, comfortable gaming headset

The Sony Inzone H3 wired gaming headset performs decently for the price

Sony Inzone H3 headset
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T3 Verdict

The Sony Inzone H3 wired gaming headset gives you a good level of audio quality for the price you're paying – though audiophiles won't be fully satisfied. This headset is particularly geared towards gaming, with a 360-degree spatial sound feature that impresses.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Won't cost you much

  • +

    Very comfortable to wear

  • +

    360-degree sound feature

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Some sound limitations

  • -

    No wireless option

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The affordable Sony Inzone H3 wired gaming headset wants to be a contender for both our best PS5 headset and best PC gaming headset lists: thanks to its wired 3.5mm and USB options, you can hook it up to just about any device that accepts those connection types.

Given the cost of the headset, it's clear that it's geared towards those who want the highest quality sound while paying the lowest possible price. This isn't for those of you with plenty to spend who want absolutely no compromises in your audio fidelity.

Our detailed review should give you a good idea of whether or not this is the best gaming headset for you. Once you've finished reading, you might want to also check out our guides to the best gaming chairs and the best gaming keyboards on the market right now.

Sony Inzone H3: price & availability

The Sony Inzone H3 wired gaming headset is out now and available to buy for around £90 in the UK and $100 in the US – though we'd recommend checking the widgets embedded on this page for the latest prices online, because you might be able to buy one for less. If you're shopping in the UK, you can pick up the Sony Inzone H3 headset at retailers including Amazon and Argos.

Sony Inzone H3 review: design & setup

Sony Inzone H3 headset

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There's not a whole lot of subtlety when it comes to the design of this headset: the stark black-and-white monochrome visuals might put off some people straight away, but we find it reasonably appealing in a minimalist sort of way. There are quite big cans on this headset too, and we wouldn't necessarily recommend them for headphones you can use on the go – especially as the mic isn't detachable either.

As you would expect from Sony, this is a headset that feels well-built and solidly put together. While the plastic feels a bit cheap – as does the size adjustment on the headband, while we're on the topic – we wouldn't worry about these falling apart. They feel as though they'll serve you well for several years.

With no wireless option here, setup is as simple as plugging the headset into a spare headphone jack on a PS5, PC, or any other device you want to use them with. The 3.5mm cord can't be detached from the headset, but you do get a USB adaptor in the box – you'll need to use this if you want to take advantage of some of the sound processing features enabled by the Inzone Hub software for Windows.

You only get a simple volume dial in terms of controls on the actual headset itself, and it would've been nice to see a mute button included as well. The mic can be muted, however, by flipping it up out of the way. The audio cable is a decent length, at 1.2 metres, and that's without the USB box attached, which extends it much further – although of course a wireless option would give you most flexibility in terms of positioning.

Sony Inzone H3 review: features & audio

Sony Inzone H3 headset

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You get 40mm neodymium drivers inside the Sony Inzone H3 headset, with a frequency response of 10Hz-20,000Hz. One of the biggest selling points is the 360-degree spatial audio – enabled via 3D Audio on the PS5 or the Inzone Hub on Windows – which works superbly in terms of sending sounds at you from all directions in compatible games. It's nice to see support for this on a low-cost piece of hardware.

The overall sound quality is also really good for a headset at this price. We tested the Sony Inzone H3 with games, music and movies, and the audio retains plenty of crispness and richness at higher volumes across the whole spectrum. The sound is occasionally a little on the harsh and unforgiving side, but remember that you're shopping at the lower end of the price spectrum here.

Bass and treble response are more than adequate, with sounds like explosions and rumbles particularly noticeable, and you can tweak the audio performance of the headset using the free software available on Windows. As for the mic, there's nothing in the way of active noise-cancelling (ANC) or anything like that, but your voice will come through clearly and well when you're on calls or chatting during games.

In terms of comfort, we had no issues at all: the nylon earpads and cushioned headband mean the Sony Inzone H3 can be worn for hours at a time without any discomfort. It's actually one of the areas where this headset really shines – comfort is an area where cheaper headsets can often struggle, but not the Sony Inzone H3. Weighing 299g without the cable, it's not going to weigh your head down either.

Sony Inzone H3 review: verdict

Sony Inzone H3 headset

(Image credit: Future)

While you can use the Sony Inzone H3 headset with just about any device that has a headphone jack or a USB port, it's clearly at its best when connected to a PlayStation 5 or a Windows PC: it's on these platforms that you can take advantage of spatial sound and the other features that let you tweak the audio output to your liking.

Not that the default, out-of-the-box audio is bad. Although there's not a whole load of nuance to it, the audio pumped out by the headset is punchy and crisp, and will serve you well when enjoying a gaming session. And while this Sony doesn't give premium headsets any serious competition in the audio fidelity department – it's all relative.

What you need to weigh up is which gaming headset is going to give you the most bang for however many bucks you've got to spend, which is where the Sony Inzone H3 comes into the conversation. There aren't many gaming headsets cheaper than this one, and with the Sony brand attached you're assured seamless compatibility with your PS5 console, if that's how you'll be using it.

Of course there are compromises to hit that low price point: namely that it looks and feels like a cheap headset. That said, however, it's certainly comfortable to wear for long periods, and if you don't need a ton of features from your hardware (such as Bluetooth support or a mute button), then you should to consider the Inzone H3 as a contender for your next headset purchase.

Also consider

There are plenty of alternatives to the Sony Inzone H3 – not least the more expensive H7 and H9 models. If you definitely want something made by Sony, then the Sony Pulse 3D Wireless headset fits the bill, which nets you get an excellent set of features and superior sound that's ideal for PS5 pairing.

Away from Sony altogether, the Skullcandy PLYR is definitely worthy of your consideration too. While it's a little more expensive than the Sony, it does offer a variety of wireless connection options, so you don't have to physically connect it up to anything. It features a design that's much more funky and eye-catching than the headset we've reviewed here, which may or may not be to your tastes.

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