You only need two dumbbells and these three exercises to build bigger arms

You'll be left with a serious pump afterwards

Women doing shoulder press
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While we can’t guarantee this workout is going to leave you with arms like Chris Hemsworth, what we can tell you is that you’ll be left with a serious pump afterwards. Better still, it’ll only take you seven minutes. It’s perfect for those days when you can’t fit in a full-blown upper body workout, or if you’re looking for some accessories to add onto the end of your compound exercises. All you need is a pair of dumbbells, an exercise matt and to have your timer at the ready.

This workout is a tri-set, where you perform three exercises back to back. Not only do they allow you to fit in multiple exercises in a short time frame, but they're great for building muscle too. According to Built For Athletes: "They generally increase time under tension, a critical factor in generating muscle growth. They are also an effective way to fully exhaust a muscle, which increases the amount of muscle damage a workout produces and influences the metabolic response our body has to exercise."

For this workout you'll do the three exercises below, back to back, for 20 seconds each, followed by a 60 second rest and you'll repeat this four times. It may sound pretty easy but, trust us, your arms are going to be on fire! CrossFit athlete, Lauren Fisher, who created this workout says to opt for light dumbbells for all the exercises, as the goal is to complete all 20 seconds with no rest. You'll complete all the exercises lying down on the floor too, so an exercise mat is a must. Here's your workout:

  • Tate press
  • Floor press
  • Skull crusher

If you enjoyed this speedy session, we've got plenty more! When you have time to train longer, you should definitely give this 20 minute upper body workout a go, which targets multiple muscles, including your back, shoulders and triceps. Also, don't forget to train your legs too! We don't skip leg day at T3, so give this four-move lower body workout a go. Again, you just need a pair of dumbbells.

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