You can save up to $800 site-wide across Koala's mattress and furniture range right now

Crush the January slump in comfort with an upgrade to your sleeping, lounging or WFH set-up

Koala Sofa Bed
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If you’ve been having a tough job of getting to sleep, a new mattress could well be the solution. The sleep specialists over at Koala are offering savings of up to AU$800 across mattresses and furniture on Koala’s online store. 

With the discount code SPENDANDSAVE you can take advantage of some pretty hefty discounts, all scaled to the amount you spend with Koala. Starting with AU$150 off the cart if you spend AU$1,000, rolling all the way through to a whopping AU$800 off the asking price if your cart gets up to AU$4,000. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to upgrade your home with award winning products, this is it. This sale runs until 11:59pm AEDT January 30.

While AU$4,000 is a whole lot to spend on a mattress, Koala has a huge range of other furniture options to fill your cart. There is the award winning Cushy Sofa Bed to give you the ability to transform any room into a guest room, or any guest room into an office. A wide range of desks to give a touch of class to your workspace. Even award-winning bookshelves to keep everything stored in style.

To sweeten the deal, if you live in a metropolitan area you could have your new mattress delivered to your door within four hours of purchase – all thanks to Koala's speedy four-hour free delivery system. All of this, combined with a risk-free trial period where any product can be returned if you’re dissatisfied within 120 nights, means you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Koala Spend & Save sale | From AU$1,000 (get scaled savings of at least AU$150 off at checkout if you spend at least AU$1,000)

If you’re in need of a new mattress, the option of purchasing a Koala may have already crossed your mind. If you’re looking to fill out more than just a bedroom Koala has a full furniture range for you. So whether you’re just in the market for a few things or the whole kit and kaboodle, Koala’s got you covered. Head on over to Koala’s online store and enter the code SPENDANDSAVE before January 30 (11:59pm AEDT) to secure your savings.

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