Yay! Disney+ UK sign-up is now live and there's a great pre-order deal

Grab this Disney Plus UK pre-order deal while you can

Disney Plus UK
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Disney Plus UK is going to change our conception of streaming service value like never before when it launches in the UK on March 24, 2020.

With more than 500 movies and 7,500 TV show episodes from the worlds biggest film studios and content producers, including the complete works of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, LucasFilm and Fox, Disney Plus is, in our opinion here at T3, going to rapidly become the streaming service people and families consider first. The sheer breadth of content delivered will ensure that.

What will also make Disney+ so popular, no doubt, is its low subscription cost. At £59.99 per year, or £5.99 per month if you pay monthly, Disney Plus UK will retail at the same price as base Netflix but beat it in terms of what it delivers. And that's not just on content!

After all, there's only one subscription tier for Disney+, meaning that you get 4K, HDR streaming with Dolby Atmos surround sound right off the bat, which on Netflix is locked away behind an £11.99 subscription tier. £11.99 is twice as much as £5.99.

However, thanks to this excellent pre-order deal from Disney Plus UK, that value save can be enlarged even more. That's because if you pre-order Disney+ right now then you can pick up a year's subscription for just £49.99, which works out at just over £4 per month.

£4 per month... that's the price of a single large coffee. £4 for unlimited, unrestricted, 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos-packing content awesomeness. There's no arguing about it, that is simply outstanding value.

The full details of the Disney Plus UK pre-order deal can be viewed below:

Disney Plus UK | 1-year subscription | £59.99 £49.99 | Limited time offer | Available now

Disney Plus UK | 1-year subscription | £59.99 £49.99 | Limited time offer | Available now
For anyone who loves the content produced by Disney, LucasFilm, Fox, Pixar and Marvel a subscription to Disney+ is absolutely essential. This pre-order deal cuts £10 off the price of a yearly subscription, taking its cost from £59.99 down to £49.99. That means that you're paying just over £4 every month to access over 500 movies and more than 7,500 TV show episodes. Incredible value.

This Disney Plus UK pre-order deal runs until launch day, which is where the yearly price will revert to £59.99. As such, if you've been patiently waiting for Disney+ to launch in the UK, watching on enviously as those States-side tuck in to a smorgasbord of content like Thor: Ragnarok, The Mandalorian, The Simpsons, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Guardians of the Galaxy, Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean, 10 Things I Hate About You, Wall-E and the excellent, Olaf-starring Frozen, then it makes perfect sense to lock your access in now for the cheapest price going.

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