Yale smart locks have fingerprint access and Apple HomeKeys support… but there’s a catch

Yale launches two new smart locks with better security and easier access

Yale smart lock launch
(Image credit: Yale)

Home security brand Yale has just launched two new smart locks to its ever growing collection of smart solutions. The new Assure Lock 2 Touch and Assure Lock 2 Plus are new innovations from the band, with the former having fingerprint access and the latter supporting Apple HomeKeys.

Yale is arguably best known for its range of the best security cameras (although these are only available on the UK site). The brand has since expanded into more areas of smart home security, including alarms, safes and the best smart locks. Now, Yale has just added to its popular smart lock line-up with two new locks that are the brand’s first fingerprint smart lock and its first smart lock that supports Apple HomeKeys.

The Yale Assure Lock 2 Touch is the new fingerprint door lock for ultimate convenience and easier access to your home. Available in keyed or key-free options, this new fingerprint smart lock is similar in looks and design to the Yale Assure Lock 2 but now has the additional feature of biometric capabilities built-in. The new keypad is touchscreen only, making it easier to scan your fingerprint to gain access to your home.

Other than this new major upgrade, the Assure Lock 2 Touch still has the same main features you get from the Assure Lock 2. The new smart lock has DoorSense technology which auto-locks your door, and with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can get remote access from wherever you are. With the Assure Lock 2 Touch, you can still share and schedule access to your home with custom entry codes for your guests, and the lock is compatible with Apple Home and other virtual assistants.

The second new smart lock and another first for the brand is the Yale Assure Lock 2 Plus. This smart lock is the first model from Yale which supports Apple HomeKeys, so all you have to do to enter your home is tap your iPhone or Apple Watch to open the door. You don’t need to worry about keys or access codes again, and like the Assure Lock 2 Touch, the Assure Lock 2 Plus has the same smart features as the existing Assure Lock 2.

If you’re an Apple user, the Assure Lock 2 Plus will definitely appeal to you. The smart lock keypad has a variety of keyless access options, but you’ll need to have your phone or watch on you at all times to be able to unlock your door (although who leaves the house without their phone anyway?!).

But what if my phone or watch dies, I hear you ask? Apple HomeKeys will also be automatically added to the Apple Wallet of anyone who shares your Apple Home profile and HomeKeys is still available for a few hours even after your phone has run out of charge.

So, what’s the catch? Well, as both have different entry options from one another, you can’t buy a new Yale smart lock with both fingerprint and HomeKeys access. Depending on how you want to unlock your door, you’ll have to pick one or the other but currently, you can’t buy a Yale smart lock that has both capabilities. Of course, if you just want to use HomeKeys or you just want to use your fingerprint, that won’t matter but if you want to use both, there isn’t an option for that yet.

Another slight catch is that while the Yale Assure Lock 2 Touch and Plus are compatible with multiple smart home platforms, they don’t work with Matter just yet. As of writing, the new Yale smart locks are only available in the US, with the Yale Assure Lock 2 Touch costing $199.99 and the Yale Assure Lock 2 Plus priced at $209.99 on the Yale US website and select retailers.

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